#TBT…or Tuesday?!

#TBT.  Such a creative concept.  We all love seeing our friends’ photos from the 80s with big bangs or our high school prom pictures resurrected    The more I marinated on this concept it made me realize I would like to start digging up some of my most favorite blogs.  They are not quite vintage but old enough that I am needing reminders of their message.   (Today I assumed the worst about someone and it got ugly!)  I realized I might have even written a blog about such matters?  And thus the concept of ThrowBackBlogs was birthed.      

So You’re Mad at Me, I’m Lazy, and My Kids are Rude?

A dear friend of mine recently spent time with one of my favorite people on the planet…my therapist.  Paula characterized my friend’s outlook on life by simply saying:  “You are a negative framer.”   Negative Framer, hmmm, the words settled deep.  It seemed all too familiar.  I realized in that moment,  I myself was a recovering negative framer.    Continue reading