Feelin’ Lucky?

Most human beings strive for some semblance of control in their world.  We cannot control the weather, the traffic, the way our boss treats us, or the fact that our child brings lice home from school.  We can control our Facebook page, what we eat or drink, how we treat others, and the tidiness of our kitchen.  

Some people have stronger control issues than others.  None of us like to admit we are control freaks.  Some of us (aka: me) are trying to recover from a nasty case of ECI.  (Extreme Control Issues.)  By the way, this is my totally made up thing!  Control issues manifest themselves in domineering mothers, authoritarian fathers, manipulative sisters, and bullying brothers.  Control issues can be discrete.  Control issues can come in the form of eating disorders…or can create them.  (Again no data, just years of observation and personal experience.)   

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