Mommy Confessions: You Can’t Make this Stuff Up!

On our last trip to the grocery store my eldest son announced he had to poop...immediately.  We pulled to the side of the road and Chris ran to a secluded area and proceeded to hold the boy like a chair to allow him to relive himself.  Minutes later Kylee pleaded for us to stop as she felt carsick.  (Knowing this is never a threat but always followed by vomiting, we practically threw on the e-brake.)  She and I rushed out of the van barefoot in an attempt to not defile the car.  The youngest had complained about a stomach ache for the most of the trip and though I thought it was nothing–I crawled lovingly back in the backseat to rub his tummy.  Moments later I was quickly awakened to the fact that he was not fully aware of his body’s signals as he yelled, “Stop the car NOW I have to go to the bathroom!” He too was ushered out of the car to take care of business.  3 children 3 stops…and copious amounts of hand sanitizer and wipes later we arrived at our destination.  (I guess I should mention it takes 5 hours to get to the grocery store–there are NO sanitary bathroom stops and there certainly was no option at the moment of their emergencies!)   We were quite the spectacle as many folks have never seen a white person “bare all” in the middle of the town or village in the attempt to not mess their pants and keep the car clean.  Bless!   After the 3rd stop, and hundreds of eyes staring wide at the crazy white bottoms flashed and the panicked parents wiping and washing and sanitizing…Chris and I both looked at one another and all we could do was laugh.  We even felt like we might have a new perspective on public restrooms in the US.   We thought the bathroom with the huge wooden key, a stall that doesn’t lock and the cloth hand dryer would be a dream compared to all of the options with no sinks, no toilet paper, squatty potties, and bathroom debacles we have encountered over the past year!

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