Rakes, Breaks and the Messes We Makes…

My grandma lived through the great depression.  She was one of the most resourceful people I have ever met.  She reused and recycled everything.  She would put her ziploc bags through the dish washer.  She was hard core…and I used to think a tad extremist.   
Here in Uganda I see a similar type of resourcefulness.  I have watched things break and typically when we (westerners) would jump in the car and run out to Target or Home Depot…my Ugandan friends…re-use, recycle, and repair the problem.  
Living five hours from a legit grocery store…there is no quick trip to Walmart, therefore we have had to become quite thrifty…and I am better for it.  It all started back in Kampala when I saw Godffrey fixing his red rake that had broken in 1/2.  Instead of running in to the store for a new one…a well deserved new one…as he rakes the lawn every day with a very questionable and rickety rake; on that beautiful spring day I found him cutting piping to put his rake back together.  

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