All I Do Is Win

Where are you friend?  

Is a loved one sick?  Is your marriage turbulent?  Annoyed with your neighbors or in-laws or both?  Are you ready for change but there are no opportunities in sight?  Are you exhausted from trying to keep up with the Jones’?  Are you longing for the past…wishing things were where they were before?  Are you experiencing mommy myths saying you have to be super mom?  Are your expectations too high or too low?  Are you tired of waiting for prince charming to enter the scene?  Is work boring, is your boss riding you, or are you working a dead end job?  Are you tired of the same ole same ole?  Are you exhausted from one bump in the road after another?  Are you living in a foreign country with no clear plan or opportunity to go home?  (No?  Oh yeah–just me!)  

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