My Top 3s…

If word documents were paper I would probably have over 50 pages of half written blogs, scribbles, and ideas that have been bouncing around in my head!   Instead they are all condensed on my computer.   The pages are filled with questions for women…thoughts on wellness and body image.  There are words of encouragement and humor written to mothers.  There are titles like:  Women: Best Friend or Worst Enemy?  Or there is,  Licking Mirrors…yes, this is a reference to my son licking the dressing room mirror at Old Navy.  My favorite and most relevant title is Lies Women Believe, but all of these in their raw state, only make sense to me.  

In the meantime I thought I would keep it LIGHT, FLUFFY and PRACTICAL…

Today on Wellness Wednesday I wanted to share my Top 3s:

My top 3 recommendations for great exercise resources, 3 great reads on nutrition, and my 3 favorite blog sites to find awesome recipes!

1.  The New Rules of Lifting for Women (Schuler)…
     (and if you have already read this)   The New Rules of Lifting for Abs

2.  The Body Fat Solution  (Venuto)

3.  Cardio Strength Training  (Dos Remedios)

1.  The China Study  (Campbell).
      and if you have read this (or don’t want to read it)… Forks Over Knives (Stone)

2.  Food Rules  (Polan)

3.  The Eat Clean Diet (Tusca Reno)


1.     (One of my favs!)

2.    (I will be ordering her book!)

    (watch the video starring our very own P.O.W.E.R. girl Holly Bennett on NBC’s Carolina Today!)

Have a wonderfully well Wednesday!



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