Guest Blogger…Chris Cockerham on FOOD for FUEL

As I entered the month of October knowing so much of the focus would be on food and nutrition…I felt getting a few other perspectives would be a good idea!   Over the next week or so I will have a few of my clients share their experiences of eating clean and what their journey has been like as they change their nutrition.

The first blog is actually from my hubby.   He has a “gift” for getting things on one page.  Last night he told me he was going to write a few of his thoughts down on one page concerning food.  Once they were on paper I realized they were share worthy!  Chris formerly was a “meatatarian”.  His two food groups were meat and potatoes.  He actually used to tell others that “vegetables stunt your growth”.  Bojangles was a bi-weekly occurrence and I believe he won the “pounder challenge” at Fudruckers a few years back.   So the fact that he now is on a totally different “page” when it comes to food and nutrition is quite a shock to myself and those who know him!  Having said this, he is quite passionate about this “food thing” and has great information to share.  I hope you enjoy his…

Fueling the Machine:  A Guide to Wise Eating
We are what we eat.
So if we eat non-nutrient rich, crappy food, we will feel poor and crappy.  We will lack the energy, and in turn the motivation to exercise, and generally feel lethargic.  But if we fuel our body like the intricately designed machines they are, they will perform for us like we have never seen before.
The FDA does NOT have your best interest in mind.
It’s not the FDA’s job to make sure that everything that hits the shelves is healthy and good for you.  It’s their job to make sure that everything that hits the shelves won’t kill you THE DAY YOU EAT IT.  Therefore, don’t assume that just because it made it to the supermarket shelves that it is good for human consumption.  We must become savvy food shoppers. 
We have OVERVALUED convenience and value.
In our fast paced world, we avoid being inconvenienced like its the plague and we been romanced by the idea that, “there’s nothing like a bargain.”  We can often find ourselves thinking, “Well I know it’s not good for me, but it was sooooo convenient,” or “I know this is artery clogging, but it was so cheap I had to get it.”  Begin to develop an appreciation for good, wholesome, nutrient-rich food that you would commit to going out of your way or paying a little bit more for food that is good for you.  YOU’RE WORTH IT.
We have become slaves to our taste buds.
Most of us know that what we eat is not good for us.  But, instead of listening to the wisdom of professionals, or our own common sense, we instead do whatever our taste buds desire.  As soon as we walk into a restaurant and smell that deep fried fill-in-the-blank, our taste buds begin clamoring for it and we appease them by giving them whatever they want.  Take control…form an uprising…demand your rights…tell them who’s boss.  Discipline yourself to surround yourself with healthy options and make up your mind about what you will eat BEFORE entering the restaurant and are tempted to be enslaved by your taste buds.
Start with these simple, but intentional changes
Get down with the BROWN.
The research is very clear that the processed white food items (pastas, white breads, white rice) that we fill our plates with, should not be part of a healthy diet.  Instead, replace those items with WHOLE GRAIN items: whole wheat breads, whole wheat pastas, and brown rice.  If it doesn’t include the word “whole” then don’t get it.  “Multigrain” is a ploy…don’t be fooled…this just means that it is a variety of processed grains but not the WHOLE GRAIN (bran, germ, and endosperm).  The whole grain has all the vitamins and nutrients that we are intended to get from this food source AND a significantly increased amount of fiber, which is essential for good colon health.
Aggressively insert vegetables into your diet.
Without intentional effort, most or our meals would consist almost entirely of meat, cheese, and a starch (rice, potatoes or bread).  In our culture, we generally have to go out of our way to get vegetables on to our plates.  We don’t need nearly as much meat as the common American fare would dictate and indeed, the negative consequences of our meat, egg, cheese, and dairy addiction are well founded.  Try to limit your meat intake to once a day, at most.  Replace it with beans, nuts, and more veggies (even spinach is 51% protein).
Remove the EMPTY calories from your diet.
Sodas, chips, white bagels, donuts, cookies, etc…
These items have NO nutritional value and literally damage your body’s internal organs.  Commit to filling your body with NUTRIENT-RICH food.  

Chris Cockerham

2 thoughts on “Guest Blogger…Chris Cockerham on FOOD for FUEL

  1. Love this! Truth be known, Jeremy got his picture put on the wall at Cheeburger, Cheeburger for eating their obnoxiously large hamburger. It's hard to believe that he doesn't eat meat anymore!
    I just came back from speaking at a weekend raw, vegan retreat in the mountains. Some of the attendees – and speakers – shared pretty astounding stories of taking charge of their health by taking charge of what the put into their bodies. Super inspiring stuff that really demonstrated the power of using what the good Lord put on the planet to heal and nourish!
    Luv your blog Ms. Jenni!


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