Where are the WORDS?

If I had a bumper sticker it would likely say, “I’d Rather Be Writing!”  There is little in life that brings me more joy, peace and therapy than reading and writing.  So the question for me over the past few months has been–WHERE ARE THE WORDS?

I really only write (blog) when I am inspired.  I have had several interesting incidences, a random funny quote from Joshua, and have read a few books with insights worthy of sharing…and yet I have not had the compulsion that I normally feel to immediately drop everything, run to my computer and begin to type.

Internal shifts are happening and I am thinking deeply about life, God, and how we relate to one another.  Our purpose.  Our lifestyles.  The things we have…the things others do not.  Deep heady things too heavy to put on paper–yet.  But they are there and may be the reason why I cannot find the words–I am just processing and asking hard questions.  Whatever is happening I appreciate your kind questions of the status of my blog–I assure you–when I feel the first inspiration my fingers will be flying to the keyboard to share.

In the meantime…as always…

May You Be a Blessing and May You Be Blessed!


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