Hope For Watoto…Christmas Style!

The SILENCE is being broken.

I am only going online for work purposes…and somewhere in between trying to honor and respect my “7” girls and also recognize that Greater work needs to be done I wanted to share with you the information about Watoto Christmas boxes this year!

Last week we began distributing Christmas boxes for the children of Watoto! (http://www.watoto.com/)   We have already had an overwhelming response!  The boxes are going to be filled with toys, games, books and other special items for ALL the children and moms of Watoto.   Because the people of Uganda speak English–the boxes can be filled with a personal letter from YOU!

Here is a link to more information!  


We have a few more boxes left at our Cary and Holly Springs campuses…so please grab yours this weekend…or email me and I will save you one!  (By the by, Chris is speaking this weekend in Holly Springs so it is a GREAT weekend to come visit us!)  

We are so very excited to share this opportunity…here’s a little more about our trip to Uganda!

May You Be a Blessing and May You Be Blessed!


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