Presents, Parades or Prophecy?

“Do we HAVE to listen?”

“Yes…it is 7 verses.  Just listen.”  

Those were the objections from my oldest and my rebuttals as we discussed our December 1st scripture reading about the prophecy of Jesus.  I get it.   She would rather be opening presents from her Granddaddy that we are visiting for the weekend, or going to the Christmas parade where Santa throws candy from a fire engine that is scheduled for later in the afternoon.  Christmas seems to have more flare to an eight year old when it is wrapped in bows or covered in sweets.  I am glad we pushed through…

As I read Isaiah’s prophecy (9:2-7) I realized that the kids might actually be able to share helpful thoughts throughout this month on what they are learning in December.  

We read, 

“…they rejoice before you as people rejoice at the harvest…”

The object lesson was ideal this morning as just minutes before we had looked out over my dad’s farm and saw the land where the soybeans had been harvested.   Later that afternoon they took a combine ride…we literally experienced a view of “the harvest.”  

So I pushed…

“Why would someone rejoice over a harvest?”

The one who had not wanted to have this discussion piped in, “hmm…because they had been waiting for food for months to grow and they finally can eat it!”  

Okay.  Good.  

Moving on, 

“Unto us a child is born, to us a son is given.” 

Same child, “well, babies take a long to time come–so that was probably exciting too.”  

“Yes.  Now–this was not just any baby–tell me about this baby…”

The middle child, “this baby will rule over the world, He will be the prince of peace.”  

My baby pipes in, “he will be someone to praise.”   (Then he ran off after his Granddaddy and the dogs.)

“So what is this really about?”

“It is about waiting…just like we have to wait for our Christmas presents from Grandaddy and Grand Pickett–the people were waiting for this baby.  It is hard to wait…I bet it was hard for them to wait.”  

“Yep, and I bet they REALLY were ready for this baby–cause we are REALLY ready for our presents!”  

Isaiah talks about the people being in darkness.  They were longing for a Savior.   Farmers still wait for the harvest to come…and mothers anxiously await their child’s birth, children wait for Christmas presents on Christmas day…we understanding waiting.  I can only imagine the anxious anticipation from long ago as the people awaited a Wonderful Counselor, a Prince of Peace…a King that would uphold justice and righteousness from that time on and forever!  

Through this baby there would be HOPE.  I am so thankful that we are able to celebrate the birthday of One who enters in to darkness and brings peace.  

May You Be a Blessing and May You Be Blessed!


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