Long Labor…

All of my babies came EARLY and QUICKLY.  

I went in to active labor with Kylee (my first) and arrived at the hospital at 11pm.  Kylee was born at 3:20am.  Fast and furious.  

Spoiled.  I was simply spoiled.  

The adoption “labor” that we are experiencing is long and intense in every way.  With the extended dates and changes of judges we have felt false labor pains, followed by waiting and more waiting.  Now, having headed to the hospital (aka Africa)–we are still enduring a long labor as we wait for a new court date to be issued and official legal guardianship to be granted.  

Amazingly, we have met our children!  We know (and they know) that home and a new life together is soon.  The days right now are painfully wonderful.  We are given a chance to daily spend time with them on their turf.  To see them play and interact with our family as well as their friends is priceless.  We served lunch today, we know their schedule, and have gotten to see their bedrooms, and their school.  We are becoming intimately involved in their world.  The problem is, they know when the “mzungus” come and they are told “this is mom/dad” you are going to “America,” typically…after a few days…they go.  We are still visiting and there is no sign or time we can tell of our official departure–together as a family.  Daily we are able to hold, laugh, tickle, tell stories, share conversation, and when others are not around…share snacks and toy cars.  Incredible.  But as each day passes the good-byes are longer, harder, and there are tears exchanged by both parents and children.  The pain is real.  Thankfully the joy outweighs the sadness.  

For so many women who gut out a super long intense labor they will tell you their memory of the intense pain was erased the moment the baby was placed in their arms.  Forever life is changed.  We know and understand in our core that this will be true.  I am certain that we are learning and picking up things from this time that will be of tremendous value for our future.  (If nothing else there is character development occurring as we prayerfully patiently trust that the day is sooner than we know.)   If God says that our lives are but a vapor…then what are these few short weeks of waiting?  What is significantly significantly smaller than a vapor?  

Throughout my labors I was given a free pass.  An epidural even to keep me comfortable.  Pain is part of this life.  We do our best to be as pain free as possible–to make our children comfortable and without sadness.  Pain is unavoidable and no one is exempt.  It is what makes us human.  This labor is different.  It is long, hard, stressful, and heart-breaking.  (The fact that we not only spend time with our children but 80 others who need a family is gut-wrenching in and of itself…and that is another 3 blogs…so we will stop with that.)  We are having to utterly rely on God to carry us through this time.  We are leaning on him–praying without ceasing–and trusting that He will move and act on our behalf swiftly. 

Please pray for our family as this week continues not only for a court date, and expedient ruling process, but even that we might be granted early care for our children so that they could stay with us during this waiting process.  

We are grateful for the deep love and support!

May you Be a Blessing and May You Be Blessed!


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