He’s BACK…

All 7 C’s are under one roof and we are
One Happy Cockerham Clan!  

Chris and Hannah arrived yesterday at 6:40am.  
3 of my 5 kiddos made the trek to Entebbe airport to surprise dad.  
My two littles stayed home with me to help make breakfast and prepare to “sneak up and  JUMP ON DAD” as soon as he drove in to the compound.  
It was a very ninja-like decision…but a good one. 

Then in a non-ninja way…I got to hug my hubby! 

About 10 minutes in to Chris being home…this is what I found.  I am NOT kidding about the physical touch thing…PRAISE GOD Chris is home!  

11 minutes later THIS was happening…

Love having our sweet Hannah with us in Uganda! 

Then the unpacking began.  Boy oh boy was I blown away by the thoughtful gifts and response from my friends stateside as you have shared so generously with our family and Ugandan friends!   

Treats from the US for our friends…

Homeschool library enhanced…

Games and goodies…

A boatload of our favorite foods from the US along with some great medical supplies! 

Coffee gone crazy…and so many delicious options…SUPER excited to share with my friends! 

The past 36 hours have been wonderfully overwhelming!   Thank you so much for your support and sending our family with such wonderful supplies as we walk through this next leg of the journey! 

If we go radio silent for just a few days it is just because we are soaking up this SWEET overdue–dad time…

Everyone is doing well and transitioning SMOOTHLY to life together.  Caroline in her prayers both at lunch and dinner thanked God for dad and for FAMILY.

Amen sister…AMEN. 

5 thoughts on “He’s BACK…

  1. Ahhhh! I see the soccer ball for Jimmy! And I can just taste your amazing coffee, it makes me smile BIG to imagine the Jaca staff enjoying a cup from your loving home. Oh man I miss you all! Seeing the snowflakes hanging and the kids hanging on daddy, it makes me so so happy! Sending you tons of love. I MISS YOU JENNI!!! I am beyond thankful Chris and Hannah are there, excited to see the amazing capers ahead for your crew. LOVE YOU!


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