Halloween is for Big Kids Too

Been thinking a lot about the holiday that doesn’t exist here.  Been thinking about the pumpkin carving, the apple cider, the princesses, cowboys, and adorable outfits that will be adorned tonight.

Been thinking about the caramel apples, popcorn balls, toothbrushes, and millions upon millions of pounds of candy that will be distributed.

Though I personally had incredible memories dressing up as a child and often matching my childhood friend Carrie.  Quite honestly this is a holiday that I began to snub as I grew older.  I was quick to jump to Thanksgiving.  And quite honestly my heart would skip a beat when the day after Halloween I would see a huge Santa blow up in the mall and green and red decorations start to line the streets.  (There is just something about Christmas–I might be a tad on the unhealthy side of that holiday–but we will discuss in about 30 days or so…)  Until then, let’s stay where we are…Halloween.

More than ever I have been thinking about Halloween.  Been thinking about what I said yesterday.  About not saving the world…but doing one simple thing.   (You can read that here if you missed it.)   I starting thinking…Halloween in a PERFECT night to do one simple thing.

I don’t know what your plans are for tonight…but more than ANY night out of the year I was thinking about what a special night this could be.  For many many people across the US–we will venture in to our neighborhoods and speak to people that we drive past day in and day out and we have no idea who they are and where they are from.  (Weirdly almost)–We will knock on their door and ask for candy?!?   But it’s okay cause it is Halloween.  Some neighborhoods have an adult section where special adult treats are served.  There is a whole street in my neighborhood where they have a line of homes that pass out hotdogs, chili and other adults treats.  And today I have been thinking–that’s the simple stuff.  That stuff is where we connect.  We engage in more than a drone existence and don’t make eye contact at the grocery store or in the checkout line at Target.  We do life together and we see people for who they are and we enter in to their world and we love.  Wow…go do that tonight!

Not your typical Halloween thoughts but I hope tonight you have a blast dressing up your fairy princess and your pirate.  I hope you enjoy the sights sounds and soak in the scents of the evening.  I hope you sneak a piece or two of your child’s Reeses peanut butter cups–and I hope you get the opportunity to do reach out to someone that you don’t know or would like to connect with.  I think these connections matter.  As I think about Halloween and what we (the Cockerhams) won’t be doing…I hope you take the time to do one simple thing.  Do it for me–in my stead.   Go be a big kid and do big kid stuff this Halloween.

May You Be a Blessing and May You Be Blessed,


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