Seeking the Subtle

Our eyes bring a unique view on life.  Whether it be a book, movie, or the infamous blue and black dress, we all see things slightly differently.  Depending on our background, experiences, or even our mood, we interpret each message in a personal way.   Bombarded by texts, tv, email, and mass media marketing; I want to challenge you to look for the more subtle but spiritual messages meant for you today, this week, and in your life.  Words are all around you…messages meant for you.  Don’t get confused or flustered by other’s interpretation of the proverbial dress.  Be open to hear what Words He might speak to your heart today.

Currently at RG they are burning the bush…which means for the first time since we moved to Northern Uganda we can see for miles.

Last week I decided with less surprise of snakes or other critters to contend with, I would go and find precious little Selah Shalom McPhee’s grave.  Selah was the itty bitty one month old I told you about here.  Upon arrival, I was struck by the view.


More powerful than the rushing sound of the Nile river and sliver of blue in the distance, were the words on her grave that jumped up and brought warmth to my face.

3 words whispered in the silence placed heat within my heart:

Selah. Shalom. Surrendered.

Standing on the burned bush…I knew it was a holy moment.

Selah:  to praise, lift up, pause.”  (Three different translated versions of this word.)  All 3 felt so very appropriate.

Shalom:   “A complete peace.”  (Contentment, wholeness, harmony.)

Surrendered:  “to relinquish control/possession of something…”

The words washed over me.  Pause Jenni.  Take a moment.  Take this ALL in.  Take in my beauty…even in the pain.  Praise.  Despite the pain, confusion and brokenness of this world.  Praise.  Seek peace.  Within Me is complete peace.  Your contentment can only be found in me.  Surrender.   Stop trying to figure it out.  Stop trying to figure Me out.  Attempting to control this life will end in devastating disappointment.  Our life, even those we love, are not ours.

Those 3 little words of light were spoken into my darkness.  Three small words wrapped in love around their baby girl, delivered inspiration and  HOPE.

There I was.  Covered in ash. Overwhelmed by the sight of the setting sun, listening to the sound of the rushing Nile…staring at those 3 beautiful words.

Selah.  Shalom.  Surrendered. 

The messages of pause, praise, and peace whispering to a woman surrounded by the white noise of a grieving heart steeped in despair.

The broken stories of others deliver hope to the hurting.  To think Janna and Dave could find the courage to inscribe the words SURRENDERED on their tiny daughter’s grave is more than I can fathom.  Yet their courage…emboldened my own faith.  Their courage tethered me to something stronger than myself.  God used their faith to strengthen mine.

Not only their faith, but He used those words to transform my thought process through my pain.  Words are all around us.  His Word can and will deliver a different message to each of His children.   It takes intentional slowing of our days and sensitivity to His Spirit, but there are subtle whispers all around us.  His Word is personal and as unique as our thumbprint.

Therefore, if you are struggling today…if you are feeling overwhelmed or overshadowed by the darkness…I will pray you find YOUR word.  May it jump up and kiss your face.  There is a Word for you today.  And if you cannot find words, you can borrow mine.

Selah…Pause.  Praise.  

Shalom…Seek Peace.

And somehow if you can find the courage:  Surrender.

May You Be a Blessing and May You Be Blessed,


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