The Unveiling

For as long as I can remember I have been enamored with survivor stories. I read their autobiographies, watch their movies, and re-tell their tales. When I encounter a survivor up close and personal…I squeeze out every detail of their story in an attempt to learn their secret. How does one endure the unthinkable? Did you ever lose hope? Did you blame God?  How is your heart now? I am intoxicated by each individual narrative. I find hope from their healing. These people have become my life heroes.

 Much like super heroes, survivor heroes, are given the choice to demonstrate their “pain powers” for good or for evil. They can live their experience; grow, and eventually turn their pain in to passion. These are the super heroes I follow, they are the ones I cannot get enough of…they inspire me. If a survivor’s pain powers are not used for good he can fall in to cavernous traps of bitterness. He might adopt patterns passed down while simultaneously inflicting pain upon others. The most popular option in our culture is for the survivor to hide her pain history. Not one of us is superwoman, navigating life’s roughest storms without a single scratch. Or if this woman exists, she and I aren’t friends. I steer clear because she doesn’t do wonders for my self-esteem, nor do I find her life very interesting. I guess she should be, with the whole flying capabilities and red cape, but she is cliché. And quite honestly, I live with a low level of annoyance toward those putting up appearances of perfection—real or imagined. There’s only One perfect one. Now sweet pea, remove the cloak of invisibility and wear your wounds on the outside, and we can grab some coffee. Tell me your tale, describe the mystery and miracle behind your survival story and we will be best friends forever.

Writing has been a survival tool for me over the past 18 months. Words on paper placed in the hands of others has given me courage. In the midst of the pain process…I am finding my most honest and real words bring the most healing. While at the beach transitioning from Uganda to the United States, I found Nature was speaking very loudly and I was doing my best to listen. I recorded some of those messages in the form of essays and realized they might be worth sharing with others. I hope my mini memoir: OCEANS BETWEEN US  might bring you (or someone you love) a bit of encouragement as we travel together down this winding road called life. 

(You can download your free e-book of Oceans Between Us by clicking on the sidebar.) 

Grateful to be on this journey with you.

…There are more adventures to come.



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