The Wind
God speaks to me at the beach.  Through the waves, the wind, the soft sand and sun.  I feel most alive while pounding out my worries as I walk along the coastline.  Today was like no other.  I started my walk with no particular destination and many thoughts on my mind that I hoped to sort out along my journey.  The sun was bright and the temperature was in the mid-eighties just a lovely way to end my trip!  Once I got to the shore I realized that the wind was much stronger than I had realized.  (No wonder no one was on the beach!)  Knowing that this would be my last opportunity for a walk before we left for home I ventured out.  I chose to walk against the wind at first.  This proved incredibly difficult.  The waves were masterful and cheered me on with their deep roars and crashing tumbles.  But the sand was fighting me every step of the way, the wind blew and sent stinging sand against my legs.  It was all I could do to put one foot in front of the other.  Several times I thought, “I just need to turn around and go home!”  I knew though, that the longer I trudged the longer the joureny home would be with the wind against my back back, there I would not be fighting with the wind and the sand.  Finally when I could not take any more I turned around.  Amazingly, my walk back was a totally different experience.  Almost immediately I began to run.  The wind was just so powerful it was practically carrying me and moving me forward.  I had no reason to run.  I don’t mind running but hadn’t planned on running home, but unless I wanted to “fight” with the wind it just appeared to be the best option.  So I ran.  While running I was struck with a very powerful thought.  God has been teaching me about his will over my life and about his Spirit’s leading.  God impressed upon my heart, “See this is what it is like to be in step with my Spirit.  I am propelling you forward.  I am giving you the strength and the power.  Before it was your own strength that was taking you on your journey…on the way home I was giving you the energy and power to do it.”  There was such freedom and joy in my journey home.  Even though I was doing a “harder task” of running…it was simpler and I got home faster and I enjoyed the run much more.  It made me realize how important it is to be “in step” with God’s spirit and how He wants to guide and direct us. 
What does it look like to daily be “in step” with the Spirit?   So often I walk through life with sand stinging my eyes, hair flying everywhere, head down and walking a road that I was not intended to walk.  A simple change of my direction absolutely changes my perspective.  I feel light, free, and propelled by something far more powerful than my own person.   I pray that if you are feel the intensity of great G force winds that you would make a shift.  Go to the author of your life and ask Him to direct.  Let him carry you far beyond where you thought you might go on your own strength.   Thankfully there were no bumps and bruises incurred on my journey—just a gracious God who was waiting for me to make a shift and direction change.  

Wherever you on this journey of life know that you are loved.  The conversations of the Spirit and being “in step” can be confusing and overwhelming.  In the end, know that your Creator cares.  

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