The Great Easter Search…

“On your mark, get set, go!” 
Twenty energetic children raced around the lawn scattered with bright, colorful Easter Eggs.  Aliene and Jim Thompson know the wonder and delight of a great search.  So, this past Easter Sunday they carefully distributed over 2000 eggs throughout their yard. Some were strategically hidden in tree limbs or under rocks; others were left in the grass to be tripped over by my 18-month-old son.
Just before the hunt began, my 4 year-old son looked at me, then looked at the big boys and girls who had clearly done this type of thing before, and cried,  “Mommy, will you help me? I am scared, I cannot do this on my own!”  Knowing that the yard was full of abundant treasures for him to discover, I lovingly told him, “I know you can do this buddy, I will hold your hand, but you can do this, go out there and try!”  What a tremendous pleasure it was to watch my child find egg after egg all by himself.  My husband and I stopped and celebrated with him at each new discovery.  Driving home I reflected on the smiles, and squeals of joy.  I knew it would be an Easter that we would not soon forget! 
Aliene Thompson is a dear friend of mine and the founder of RadicallyO Ministries.  (  Her studies are focused on encouraging women to find truth on their own.  To seek Him and find Him.   Whether you have been going to church all your life and reading the Bible for years, or whether you don’t own a Bible and have never prayed before…I believe that God has something to say to each of us.  Personally.  I believe that there are many treasures waiting for us to discover in God’s Word.
For some, this is a sweet reminder, for others it seems far-fetched, but I believe that God has something to say to each of us personally.  Please hear me say, no matter where you are in life, God loves you and you are worthy of sitting at His feet and allowing your Heavenly Father to minister to your soul.
I could have stolen from my son that day.  I could have filled his basket myself.  I could have opened the treasures that he was intended to open.  But where would the adventure be?  Would he ever learn how to seek on his own?  The following Easter would he even know what to do with a lawn full of brightly decorated eggs?  Instead, the adventure was his, the learning was his, and the joy of finding was his. 
This Easter morning I pray that God will meet you wherever you are.  If your marriage is rocky or broken (and hence you are feeling broken), if you are angry, stressed, discouraged, depressed, overwhelmed, exhausted, tired of running (haha this is not a trainer’s joke), tired of living, tired for pretending, or just ready for a fresh perspective…may you SEEK AND FIND.   I pray that the Holy Spirit will guide and direct you every step of the way.  Whether you open your Bible or call a girlfriend who does; whether you go online and check out Radically O, or facebook message me and ask where to get started…or whether you just shoot up a simple prayer:  “God help!”  He knows you, loves you, and will hear your cry.  God has great things to say, He loves you and is excited for your next courageous step in the journey.  There is a beautiful colorful world filled with hope and it starts with a simple step, a cry, a prayer, a call, a verse…
On your mark, get set, go… 

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