Body Beautiful

POWER Studios are focussed this month on LOVE… 


I realized this month was too good to keep to ourselves and to the confines of our studio walls…

You’re invited to embark on a journey over the next few weeks.  This month in POWER is Body Beautiful:  Love the Skin You’re In!  The theme is “standards and sisterhood”.   Standards of both beauty and health – who sets them?  What are yours?  Do you even have them or have you just been doing “whatever everybody else is”.  Sisterhood – working together to create the change we want to see in ourselves.  Rather than sitting around comparing each other, which usually results in feeling insecure, this is then projected as jealousy, envy, anger or disgust.  Why not build each other up?  Let’s quit comparing and instead reach out and support one another.  This first week in POWER we’d like you to reflect on what beautiful and healthy mean to you. Please answer the questions below. There will be poster boards in POWER for you to hang your definitions up. You may remain anonymous. Or you can email them to us. If you live far away, you can either email them to us at or or if you’re confident enough post them on our facebook page.   You can follow this message and movement as well as join our challenge.  More information will be posted on this blog, as well as, and our p.o.w.e.r. llc facebook page.  

This month is a very important one. A month of reflection, education, inspiration and ultimately love. So we humbly ask of you to please take a few moments throughout this week to reflect on the questions below and tell us your thoughts. 

With much LOVE,
Janine and Jenni

·      Write your definition of beautiful. Think about your definition. What standards is your definition based on?

o      Are these standards the same ones you want your daughter/s or the next generation of girls to use.
o       Who/what has influenced your definition or standards?
o      Has your definition of beautiful changed over the years?
o      What does beautiful look like to someone who was born blind? Lives in a different culture? What if you were on a deserted island? Would you still conform to the same standards? The same “daily beauty routine”?

·      What does it mean to be “healthy”?

o       What parameters have you set that determine whether or not you’re healthy?
o       Have you achieved them? Are you healthy?
o       Would you consider your family healthy?
o      Does size/weight determine health? What about BMI?
o      Do you have an objective means to measure health?

Feel free to post your answers (or parts of them) to these questions in my comments section on my blog.   I value your honest answers to tough questions, I know other women will be inspired by your honesty and vulnerability.  

So much more to come…stay tuned and stay beautiful! 

May you be a blessing and may you be blessed!


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