Who Says? What is Beautiful? Video!

In hopes to inspire the women of POWER and women across the nation who are not in the area, we have created a video.  A visual with the questions that Janine and I ask oursevles all the time…


Thrilled to share this video and hope that it will spur conversations in your office, among your girlfriends, and even in your homes.

Just showed it to my 7 year old and asked her…”what IS beautiful?”   Her response was astounding…she teared up seeing the women with the lip plates and neck rings.  She said, “what was wrong with their bodies before?  Why did they feel they had to do that?”   I explained that the same women who were the fancy dresses, wearing lots of make up, or were simply “too thin” were trying to alter their body to achieve the standard of beauty in our culture.   Wide eyed she said, “mom, I think true beauty MUST come from the inside then!”   Well said.  Once again, from the mouth of babes.


Thanks sweet Christopher for sharing your skills and time to make this happen.  Your daughter will thank you someday too!

May you be a blessing and may you be blessed!


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