Fierce Reflections Cause Us to Fly…

It hit me this week when walking through my studio watching the layers come off (literally and figuratively); that this month in our studios is all about COURAGE.  It is about courageously taking a look at our bodies, our thought life, our reasons for why we do things and the reasons why we don’t.  It is about looking at our inner thought life and our bodies in a different way.  It is about embracing the good for how great it is; and positively viewing areas in which we are typically negative.  Even more importantly it is about getting unstuck.  It is about moving past “ourselves” so to speak.   

The kind of introspection we have done this month takes GREAT courage.  It takes a fierce woman who knows there is more to this life than striving for media induced ideals of beauty.  She also knows that there is more to this life than keeping up with Mrs. Jones’ body.   She recognizes that in this life we will stay stuck if we can truly only see skin deep.  This fierce woman believes that her life is a culmination of experiences and relationships.  So while reflecting in the mirror she does not stop with the epidermal layer…she actually is beginning to see what others’ see.  Daughter, sister, mother, wife, neighbor, friend, and confidante.  She sees beauty that runs deep, high, long and wide.  In her reflection this fierce woman sees life experiences that have shaped, formed, and carved her in to who she is becoming.  This fierce woman is able to find joy in her “now” and hope for her  “soon to come”. 
I commend each of you for the brave steps that you have taken thus far.   There are two weeks left in our challenge.  The first two weeks of this month were about getting comfortable in our discomfort and taking an inner look.   This coming week we will shift and look outward to our sisters around us.   We believe that next week other women who have watched your courage might decide they themselves want some of the inner strength that you possess. 
“Just when the caterpillar thought the world was over, it became a butterfly.”   Anonymous
It is time to stop looking in the mirror and seeing the caterpillar that “was” and recognize we have beautiful wings.   Simply spread your wings.  It is time to fly.  Inspire others.  Fly.  

May You Be a Blessing and May You Be Blessed,

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