Shedding Our Masks Promotes True Sisterhood

Insecurity masks herself in such ugly ways.  She comes across as aloof, abrasive, angry, or rude.  More pleasantly, insecurity masks herself as overly apologetic, the eternal martyr, or “super woman” who in one single leap conquers her entire universe.
While donning this mask of insecurity women send other women a message.  Sometimes it is, “don’t mess with me, my job, my husband, or my network of friends”.   Her actions say, “keep your distance, don’t look at me or talk to me”.   Other messages say, “I am weak and any feedback from you might send my fragile soul over the edge”.  Still another message might be… “you could never keep up with my schedule or my good deeds.” 
All of these messages are in some way or another toxic.  They are relationship killers and they are what keep women at odds with one another.   Whether she wears the mask of insecurity and is frightened of the external arrows that might come her way, or whether she does not believe that she is worthy of the affection of another…no matter the reason…masks destroy sisterhood.
Healthy female relationships are hard to come by.  Rarely do you see great mother/daughter models.  Sisters who invest and care for one another the way that we think they “ought”.   Our masks are rarely lifted over an occasional chat on the way to the mailbox, a trip to the movies, or at a random bunko night.    I do not pretend to grasp the full female relational breakdown but I believe that the masks we wear inhibits us from full being “seen” and from fully being “known”.  To take off that mask would force vulnerability.  A vulnerability that we are hesitant to expose. 
For the past few weeks in POWER we have removed the mask.  We have personally examined our preconceived notions and core beliefs on the subjects of beauty and health.  We have uncovered our faces, exposed our bodies, and taken our thoughts captive.  Hopefully throughout this time of self-exploration we have grown more honest, more confident, and more comfortable in our own skin.  The more we take off the mask, the more okay we are with leaving it off.  Then…and only then, can we see women and be seen by women in a way that promotes sisterhood.  

In true sisterhood, other females are not competition, and what they have is not to be coveted or resented.  In true sisterhood, other women are not seen as the enemy but yet another amazing being that is almost assuredly full of flaws as well as absolute beauty.  When we look without the mask we see with different eyes.  These eyes are filled with love.  Love for self and love for others. 
Women then become partners in this life.  Women become sojourners on this adventure toward health and wellness.  Women are considered friend and not foe. 
This week we challenge you to leave the mask off.  We challenge you to look to other women with a new fresh set of eyes.  Eyes of love.  May each note you write this week be sincere and heartfelt.  May the women who receive them be blessed.  May this refreshingly new sisterhood make deep impact daily in the lives of all of the women you encounter! 
May you be a blessing and may you be blessed. 

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