Better Than The Bachelorette?

This dork loves a good documentary.  I will happily exchange prime-time for an educational video any day.  I understand that some are not as “dork-minded” as me.   I am way behind on my reality tv.   As deprived as I am on pop culture conversation these days, I do believe there is much to be gleaned from the research of others.  In the spirit of Wellness Wednesday I thought I would share my top 5 documentaries on the subject of food, exercise, and body image.  I also wanted to share information about a free flick that is available for the next 3 days…it is a worthy watch.

Food Inc.
Opened my eyes to exactly where my food came from…you mean it is not from a cute farm in the mid-west with a big red barn in the middle of it?    (You can watch it free in segments on youtube.)

America the Beautiful
Looks at society, the media, and how distorted we have become with our understanding of beauty.

Bigger, Faster, Stronger
Body image issues do not just effect women…this was an interesting documentary on the lengths that men will go to become bigger, faster, and stronger.  

Fat, Sick and Nearly Dead
A journey of one man moving from near death to vibrant life.

Forks Over Knives
If the China Study is too thick…this is a great summary of the research.

For the next 3 days there is great documentary that is being offered online for FREE.   Hungry for Change highlights and interviews many medical doctors on the subject of nutrition in America.  It interviews specialists, authors, and many people whose lives have been changed by changing their nutrition.  This includes two 30-something cancer survivors,  Joe Cross (from Fat, Sick, and Nearly Dead), and even Jamie Oliver makes an appearance! 

Hungry For Change

The information is scientifically based and the information on sugar in our diets is disturbing.  I hope you will take advantage of this free flick!  I promise even if you just receive ONE golden nugget from the movie, it will be good for your life long health…better than The Bachelorette! 

May You Be a Blessing and May you Be Blessed!


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