Fresh Brewed Life

There is just something about this book…
This book came to me in the form of a photo copy.  It was when I had first started going to counseling many years ago and I was extremely angry.  I was furious but it was coming out in my dreams.  I would scream and yell and cuss out people in my life that had hurt me.  (It was bizarre, almost comical…and I was really good at it.)    My counselor recommended a chapter from Fresh Brewed Life:  “Interview Your Anger”.  I found it very helpful and saved the photo-copied chapter.  Recently, I recommended the chapter to someone else and realized I might actually benefit from reading the entire book!   Seven years later God is using the entire book to speak to my heart and life in a wonderful way.  I love to read and it seems I can lift a nugget from almost any book I pick up–but this one is special.  
The book is not earth-shaking.  It is not (necessarily) life altering. 
But there are deep, simple truths in this book that are POWERFUL.  Nicole is not the best author that I have ever read, it is not a page turner, nor does the book even flow in a completely natural way. 
But there is something about this book that I love.   The author speaks to the heart of women and addresses topics that most Christians won’t touch.  She is real, authentic and does not pretend to have it all together.  She writes what many of us thinkbut are not honest enough to say out loud. 
Each chapter could almost stand alone.  Her chapters run the gamut from longings to beauty to anger to sex to friendships and purpose…it is all there.  Feel free to skip around…it doesn’t have to fit together in a perfect package, but the chapters do seem to fit in to the make up of our lives…and what makes us uniquely female…and uniquely His. 
I shared these words with a few friends when I gave them the book…but I realized so many others with whom I grab an occasional “coffee”–might also be blessed by the truths of this book!  

FRESH BREWED LIFE    (click here to check out her site)
May you be a blessing and may you be blessed!

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