What Makes a Great Mom???

Cabell Sweeney wrote a super thoughtful blog in reflection of special moms in her life.  Her friends are her teachers and I learned a lot–hope you do too!  For moms or women who hope to be one someday–may this bless you…

One of the things that is beautiful about not being a mom is being able to watch the “moms” in my life while not being overwhelmed with the self-analysis of being a mother myself. I get to watch from the sideline and take notes. There are quite a few mothers in my life who have shown me how beautiful and difficult and raw being a mother is. I have learned so much. I don’t know if I will get to be a mom. But whether or not I get to put these things into practice as a mother, I know these lessons on motherhood have shaped me, changed me and will continue to impact me. These are my favorite moms and what each has taught me:

Parke (my mom)- Create an environment where your children are hungry to learn. Help them be confident enough to succeed. Help them be confident enough to fail. Be an authority that elicits respect. Love your children in a way that allows them to love you desperately but not need you desperately. Mom, as you have always so beautifully said, “Hold them tight with open arms.”
Emerine- Be faithful and be present. “Show up” for everything because your presence, your always being there- at every practice, game, match, performance and tournament reflects God’s faithfulness. Your presence also communicates how important they are to you. 
Michelle- Loving God and your children’s father is the greatest gift you can give.
Christina- Share your children’s passions, if it matters to them, it should matter to you. 
Susan- Teach generosity. Let your children watch you be generous to others with your time and talents and treasures.  Be just as generous to them. Then remind them generosity is God’s idea. It will shape their hearts.
Kathy- Love who they are. Celebrate their individuality. They will know God is fond of them.
Emmy- Pray. Pray for your children, pray with your children. Pray God’s word. Pray like crazy.
Jennifer- Be intentional. Live each moment. Don’t allow the tyranny of the urgent steal what is sacred.
Lowery- Relax. Calm down. Focus on what is really important. Celebrate the ordinary things, like breakfast together, reading books and staying in your pj’s- everything else will get worked out.
Cammie- Go big!  Invest time in making celebrations special. Not because you are trying to have the most impressive birthday party on the block but because being thoughtful and creative in celebrating who your children are makes them feel honored.
Beth- Be playful. Laugh with your kids. Tease them. Share your personality with them.
Mimi- Give them time and room to spread their wings and learn to fly on their own. Share the Grace of God throughout the journey.
Caroleeta- Lay your life down for your children as unto the Lord. Without expectations- then, when they are grateful and respect you it is a joy.
Cherie- Make family fun. Have a theme. Speak the truth in love (salted with a little sarcasm.)
Pam- Just enjoy being with your kids. Most likely, they will in turn, enjoy being with you.
Berta- If you teach your children to build their houses on rock when the rains come and the waters rise- they will not fall.
Kreig- Love your children’s friends with everything you’ve got as long as they are put in your path. Those friends will be changed – possibly for eternity.
I am grateful for each one of you. Happy Mother’s Day.
Cabell Sweeney

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