Snot on the Shirt a Badge of Honor?

Snot on your shirt because there were no tissues close by, a spit up stain down the back of your black shirt that you carried around for hours (because you simply didn’t realize it was there), bruises from a toy tripped on, a poopy diaper up the back of the baby that gets all over you– after you had just finished changing the little munchkin, dark circles under the eyes due to one too many sleepless nights, and vomit (on you) because they simply couldn’t make it to the bathroom, are all badges of honor worn  by a great mother. 

Theses badges are followed by thousands of pounds of dirty laundry, boo boos kissed—even when they do not exist and you are trying to find the location, meal after meal after meal after meal—only to be complained about when served, splinters pulled,  lunches made, emotions after a long day directed at you, arguments refereed, your heart breaking because theirs is broken, trips to the dentist, doctor, and every practice under the sun…the list of thankless mommy moments go on and on.
I recently was reminded of something that I knew, but had taken for-granted:  Motherhood is an anointed role. 
“Anointed” according to Websters is:  “to make sacred”… “dedicate in service to God.”  
Nothing seems sacred in the mundane and monotonous.   Nothing seems sacred in the hidden and secret service we perform.  Yet in those very moments HE sees.  It may not feel like much—but He sees and is pleased. 
Too often I want to rush ahead.  I want to speed up my kids’ childhoods or at least infancy!  I want to rush the anointed moments.  I want them to be able to talk…or walk…or go to the bathroom by themselves!  Or to be able to buckle their own seat belts, or be able to eat their own meal, or to be able to carry on a normal conversation, or to be able to pick up their own toys, or to be able to, or to be able to…
Our daily life as a mother is sacred.  It is anointed and in the midst of the daily grind…instead of trying to fast forward the moments and get on to the next thing…what would it mean for me to stop and ask God to meet me in that mundane mommy moment?  What if I might ask Him to let me see what He sees?  He values those minutes, hours, days and years.  Not one is wasted.  Forgive me for not recognizing the sacred!
Now read this next part slowly.  I know we are moms and we are bleary-eyed and sleep deprived but stay with me…
Hannah Hurnard, in Hinds Feet for High Places writes about a girl named “Much Afraid” who is learning what it means to trust God in all circumstances.  The Great Shepherd had just rescued her from an attack by her evil cousins, “Pride,” “Resentment,” “Self-Pity,” and “Bitterness.”  Much Afraid asks the Shepherd why she could not escape them on her own?   The Great Shepherd lovingly answered:
 “When you wear the weed of impatience in your heart instead of the flower of Acceptance-with-Joy, you will always find your enemies get an advantage over you.”
Mommy days grow long and hard.  They are very often thankless and appear unappreciated and forgotten.  In those moments we can grow sad, resentful or even bitter.  May you be reminded of this Anointed role that He has given.  
No matter what badge of honor you wear today or what thankless moment you may have just experienced…know that you are a wonderful mom.  God delights in your efforts…they are sacred to Him. 
May You Be a Blessing and May you Be Blessed!


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