7 Ways to Get Out of Your HEAD While Running!

I might be one of the “headiest” runners on the planet.    

Don’t get me wrong…I do run, but I rarely experience the pure joy and euphoric bliss that surrounds a long runs’ reputation.  I find it repetitive, exhausting, and hard on my joints.  Science continues to prove that steady state running certainly is not the most efficient or effective way to exercise, lose weight or even maintain weight.   

Yet I run because I know that it has awesome heart health benefits.  I run because in balanced doses it builds bone density.   I run because (to quote my favorite trainer) “athlete’s run.”  I run because I train my clients to be athletes.  I run because I need to be able to get away from an attacker–or to rescue one of my children who is beyond arm’s reach.  I run because my body was designed so uniquely that I am able to run…so I run because I can.  

Inspiring right?  Well truth be told, I am far from the world’s most inspiring runner and I find my head tripping up my feet.   Most days I need external motivation to get myself in the mood to run, never mind actually put my peds to the pavement.

So any excuse my clients use to discuss why they do not run–I have already formulated and thought through.  While going for a run today I realized that I might be able to shed some light (or hope) on some of the things that have helped me to push through my headiness and simply RUN.   Here are a few “get out of my head hints” to help you choose mind over matter and embrace what your body was designed to do!

The KEY is to create an environment that forces you to say, “YES” to a run.  Below are a few suggestions on how to get out of your head and on to the road! 

1.  Set a Goal.  Choose a local 5k or 10k to complete.  Or choose a race distance that you have run before but plan on decreasing your time or increasing your speed for the new race. 

2.  Find a visually interesting spot.  Run near water, trees, or a place that is new or has interesting things to view.  If you are sucking in smog or looking at the same neighborhood you drive through every day it could be what is setting up some mental road blocks.  

3.  A Rockin’ Playlist.   Earbuds and some great jams go hand in hand with a great run.  Find some really motivating tunes that will carry you through the first mile or two and remember…  

4.  The first mile is ALWAYS the worst.  Period.   Go slow…one foot in front of the other and tell yourself that it is a warm up.  Ignore the discomfort and push through–it does get better.  

5.  Create New Mantras.  Often “heady” runners have bad tapes that play over and over again.  “I can’t…I hurt or I am going to get hurt…I am tired…I can’t run that far…I can’t breathe…I am not built to run…”   Those need to be replaced with, “I am strong, fast, and more than capable to complete this run. I am an athlete.”  

6.  Fuel Properly.    When I am not hydrated or haven’t eaten well and fueled properly  before my run I literally feel like I am running on empty.  To avoid the empty tank and feeling crumby on a run…fuel properly.

7.  Find a FRIEND.  Better than any other motivator…I have found that another runner who shows up and holds me accountable to both complete the run but also pushes me REALLY helps.  Find your runner girls…get out of your head and get running!

May You Be A Blessing and May You RUN!


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