The GIFT Doesn’t Matter…So Get Over It!

Don’t get me wrong.  

I LOVE a thoughtful gift as much as the next girl!  But as we have simplified over the past 6 months I am acutely aware that THINGS don’t matter.  

So please do not spend the next 27 days obsessing over what to buy your mother-in-law or your children for that matter!?! 

As I have purged I have asked the question:  “When is enough, enough?”  We live with so much more than the rest of the world and we rarely feel satisfied or content.  In reality, we have plenty.   Without a single present under the tree.  Plenty.  So the first thing I suggest is being creative with your gifts…

Recently I heard:  “something you want, something you need, something you wear, something you read.”  I like it.   Others give 3 gifts representing the 3 wise men who brought gifts to Baby Jesus.  They were WISE men.  And if it was enough for Him, it is probably enough for my kiddos! 

There is a sale in our ballet studio right now and I bought Kylee’s leotard and tights for next year.  The saleswoman (who might have felt sorry for my child who was getting the “needed” items for instruction next year as a Christmas present) suggested that with the leotard I make a gift card for her to go to dance camp this coming summer.  It is something she will beg to do–why not make it a special gift?!  I love it…done.   

As for the folks on your list that are hard to buy for?  We all know it really is not about “the gift” but about the thought and love behind it…

Get creative!  Consider going global…

 (Sevenly )  is one of my new favorite sites.  It is a little like TOMS where it is a “gift within a gift!”  

Give a COW for Christmas??   (World Vision Christmas Gift) allows you to give amazing gifts to families in need all over the world in the name of the person you giving to

This is an AWESOME MINIMALIST LIST  with 36 additional suggestions on keeping it simple…and not about the STUFF.    
May You Be a Blessing and May YOU BE A GIFT!


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