Mutts, Mosaics, and Modes of Transportation

I was first introduced to mosaics in Italy and was struck with wonder by their intricate beauty and design.   To see the tiny fragments of different colors, shapes and sizes all come together in one masterful piece of art was breath-taking.  To be inspired by something that originally was made from busted, broken pieces of glass or stone takes quite a creative designer.

Some people are far more spiritual than I am…they do things like pray for world peace and cures for diseases.   At times my prayers feel a bit more shallow…I pray for stuff like the weather and how it will affect my schedule for the day.  I pray for my children not fall out of trees and break something.  I even pray, ahem–please don’t judge–for things like what type of dog we will own.

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Thankful Kids…

At the beginning of week I passed out notebooks and told my children that these are their “thankfulness notebooks.” I asked them to write at least one thing per day that they were thankful for, but they were welcome to write more.  I have been so surprised by the response of all of my children, especially Kylee, as she will almost fill a page of gratitude each day.  (This is from my eldest who has the “most to miss” and is the most likely to become homesick.)  So to see her in this place finding so many things and people to be grateful for is inspiring.  

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Be Careful What you Wish For…

I spent my 20s openly envious of several friends who moved to Africa.  (Or even friends who visited for a few weeks at a time.)   I would soak up their stories when they returned and want to hear all of the life-altering lessons they learned.  I lived vicariously through them.  I would ooooh and ahhhh over their African “gear” that they brought back: art work, jewelry and bags, envisioning the women who made them…longing to meet one in person myself.   

I would even pray that God would move me to Africa “some day”…

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