Thankful Kids…

At the beginning of week I passed out notebooks and told my children that these are their “thankfulness notebooks.” I asked them to write at least one thing per day that they were thankful for, but they were welcome to write more.  I have been so surprised by the response of all of my children, especially Kylee, as she will almost fill a page of gratitude each day.  (This is from my eldest who has the “most to miss” and is the most likely to become homesick.)  So to see her in this place finding so many things and people to be grateful for is inspiring.  

I am going to share just a few excerpts from my childrens’ notebooks today…

These are their exact words, they were simply too good to keep to myself…


I am thankful for honey.

I am thankful for my tire.  (He pushes a huge tire around our compound like it is his job…he says he is “driving” it…he wakes up asking if he can go drive his tire.  Chris just had his tires changed and snagged one for J…he is going to be SO happy to have a tire in America!) 

I am thankful for my friends in America:  Tyler and Andrew.

I am thankful for my family.

I am thankful for chocolate ice cream.  (Someone had it for a birthday around the compound…it does NOT taste like ours!)  


I am thankful for my blankie. 

I am thankful for my legos.

I am thankful for Oak, my friends and my whole family.  


I am thankful for God,  Jonathan, Joshua, Kylee and Caleb

I am thankful for my friends in NC.  Nia, Rosemary, Lillie, Katelyn, Hailey, and my North Carolina sister Hannah.  

I am thankful for my dolls.


I am thankful for animals.

I am thankful for dad. 

I am thankful for God.  

I am thankful for a place to live in Africa where I can climb Jackfruit trees.

I am thankful for Caleb Andrew and Alozious.  


I am thankful for my family, my toys, food , clean water and beautiful flowers.  I am thankful for Karen and baby Lordrick, Jaca residence,  Marce, the Stengals, my earrings, my movies, a bed to sleep on, shoes, Watoto, Mr. Francis (our driver), the earth, Hope Community church, Mike Lee, Issac (our lawyer), my mini dolls, clothes to wear, books to read, journals to write in, plates to eat on and bowls to eat out of, forks and spoons to eat with, cups to drink with.

Then the 2nd day:  I am thankful for my family, dance, all the children in the orphanage, Africa, Teo Pepe, Lillie, Samantha, Emma, Morgan, Mitch, pears, tigers, Preska, Colleen, and David (all people who work on the compound), God, Jesus, AG girls, purified water, electricity, my hair, Faith, Ms. Holly, Mr. Mike, and Kinsey. 


I love through stream of consciousness she flows in and out of her toys, to family and friends back home, and then to basic blessings of food and clothes.  She has seen SO much here and is truly understanding and appreciating what she has.  Some days are tough–but I wouldn’t trade the experiences my children are having–for anything in this world!  

Can’t wait to see what they write today!

May You Be a Blessing and May You Be Blessed!


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