A Thankful Heart Divided

Having my heart over two continents at once is no easy thing. 

Today I decided would share what I am thankful for in UG…and then tomorrow what I am thankful for in the US!

Uganda is an amazing place filled with amazing people and a breath-taking back drop.  

Thanking God for this place is easy…

I am thankful for :

….the sounds of roosters midday.

…the color of red clay and dark skin…a most beautiful color combination

…the mountains of Fort Portal…and the the view from Rujuna…the sunrises and sunsets are a little slice of heaven

…exotic plants, birds and lizards that hide in the cacti

…for baboons on the roadside

…for hard rains on a tin roof

…for the opportunity for my children to live and experience a different culture  
…that the shine and glitter are stripped away and life is more real and raw

…for Ken…for Francis

…for Watoto church and villages 

…for the banana song at the orphanage…and the children’s worship that they do each Sunday

…for cows mooing in the morning–no need to set an alarm.

…for the Gardens Buffet and Dutchess pizza

for Africa’s insistence on cultivating my patience! 

…for Novida Pineapple, Alvero Pear, and the best tummy settler:  Stoney.

…for super fast and smooth passport process today (apparently not always the case!)  

…for gigantic avocados, juicy pineapples, and the sweetest mango one has ever tasted.

…for veggie samosas and chapati


…for elephants in your front yard at the hostel on safari

…for garden city and grocery stores that are well lit and have plenty of variety

…for a safe place to sleep and call home…for now

for the fellowship that God has provided…and the UG small group on Wednesday nights

…for old children who with eyes wide open are seeing the world and their brother and sister with eyes of deep love and compassion

…for new children who love to have their backs scratched at night and giggle as they give you kisses

May You Be a Blessing and May You Be Blessed,



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