100 Cups of Coffee – The Genesis

Just about 15 years ago I was a part of a wonderful ministry called Young Life where I shared my life with teenage girls.  I spent countless hours laughing, doing wild and crazy (not to mention illegal) things like Chinese fire drills with 10 high school freshmen crammed in the backseat of my Toyota Corolla!    

Those same teenagers with whom I shared laughter, tears, and countless memories are the same girls with whom I shared TRUTH.  Truth spoken to a broken heart, a broken family, or a broken dream.  With some I would share the ultimate truth of God’s Redeeming Love.  We would sit over Bojangles sweet tea, walk around the lake, or sip coffee, and I would listen.  Then at just the right moment God would often grace me with a little nugget or small simple truth.  It seemed timely and relevant and I was always relieved, as I recognized it was nothing that I personally had contrived but it was led by His Spirit.  

Over the years I watched these young girls grow up to become beautiful young women.  Women who are smart, successful, real, and full of life.   Some work for corporate America, others for a local church, still others are teachers, many are moms. Women with whom I would LOVE to sit down and grab a cup of coffee.  God has me in a wonderful stage of life.  Life full of laughter, and craziness, but my laughter and craziness are often in response to a small naked two year old wearing a red cowboy hat, not a Chinese fire drill with 10 teenage girls!   

Recently God tugged on my heart…He has prodded me to write.  I laughed, “Really Lord…ME?  I love to write but where is the time?  Most of my writing is personal and ‘for your eyes only.’  Besides, who will read it?”  I went back and questioned, “Are you sure?”  The response was clear…”WRITE.”  I realized that as much as I long to write, I also long to connect with those sweet young women (and women like them.)   I would love to sit down and catch up.  I long to listen.  I long to be a small voice of truth who brings a timely word of encouragement.  

Six and a half years have passed since I spent hours upon hours sharing sweet tea and Starbucks…I have embraced a new journey.  A journey of motherhood.  A journey of play dates and play dough.  On this journey I have relied more than ever on God’s mercy and grace as I fasted from some of my more natural gifts and have learned to let Him humble me as a mother of three.   Even more recently my journey has taken me to places of encouraging women in their physical wellness, helping them to find inner strength.   Through my journey of motherhood and personal training I have also met wonderful women with whom I would love to sit down and share a cup of coffee.   But alas the hours in the day are short and presently devoted to such sacred things as potty training, grocery shopping, preparing pods, (did I mention praying?!) and just trying to keep my head above water.  Each day I pray for a razor sharp vision for exactly how He would have me spend my moments.  Unfortunately, coffee with old friends and new acquaintances fall to the bottom of the priority list.    It is simply not possible, and therefore I am looking forward to sharing 100 Cups of Coffee with whomever would like to show up.  Although I will terribly miss the listening part, I pray that you will be blessed and pray that God will humbly use just some small sentence to strengthen, challenge, and encourage you along the way!

May You Be a Blessing and May You Be Blessed!


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