Clean Teens…

I was SO very proud to hear that Janine encouraged her whole family to go clean last month.  I knew they were all healthy eaters but to truly go clean is the ultimate challenge.   Cleaning up a teenager’s diet especially with the external pressure of peers tempting and mocking their every move adds it’s own set of challenges.  Her boys are to be COMMENDED!

Luke and Seth McGann share their stories…

“This month taught me how to eat clean.  During this month I felt lighter than I have ever felt before.  I never noticed how much food had sugar in it.  Before I started this challenge I used to hate the taste of almonds.  I have now changed my taste buds to like that snack because it is one of the healthiest snacks you could have.  All of my friends at lunch would always tease me for eating clean.  But some of my other friends would ask me many questions like, “Is it hard”, “do you like doing it.” I would respond to these questions saying, “It sounds hard but it really isn’t.”   I would do my best to influence my friends to try to do it with me.  They all said, “No I can’t go without sugar for the whole month”, except one of my friends on my soccer team.  I convinced Will Tomlinson to do the clean eating challenge.  I don’t think he enjoyed it as much as I did but I was still happy he tried it.  I felt like I had so much energy this month from all the clean food I was eating.  I also felt like I was getting rid of all the sugar and crappy foods I was eating before because I farted and pooped a lot more.  I did not think this month was that hard, it just took a lot of commitment.  I would encourage everyone my age and older to try this challenge.  I felt so much more energetic and lighter on my feet. ”                                        Seth McGann, 13
“My mom made me do this! I was not looking forward to this at all. I knew this would be very difficult for me. When I told my friends about this extremely difficult challenge they laughed and tried to convince me to have a fruit roll-up. I just put it down and ate my wonderful great harvest bread with organic naturally ground peanut butter and pure fruit jelly.  Since I started eating clean, I noticed a huge change in my athletic performance. I am a cross-country runner for my high school and my personal best was 19:48 for 3.2 miles. Within one week of eating clean, I felt like I was stronger and had more control over my body.  That week I ran a 19:43. If I could cut five seconds off my time for practicing only two times that week I wonder what I could do if I practiced the whole week and ate clean for an entire month. That next week I found out. We had our last conference meet of the season. I had been eating clean for three weeks now. I stepped up to the starting line and felt a huge difference in my energy level. When the gun went off I flew through the course. I set a new personal best of 19:32 with energy left over. Clean eating also helped me in school. My grades went from a 74 in English honors to an 88. I immediately knew this was the right thing to do. I will continue to eat clean with a few chips here and there but will still eat healthy. I am sold!!”                                                 Luke McGann, 15 

Well done Luke and Seth…hope to hear more about your journey over some carrots and hummus some day soon!    

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