Is Clean Eating Sustainable????

The answer is a resounding YES!  If you WANT it to be!
Eating clean is a life long choice.  It is NOT a diet.  It is meant to be a nutritional life shift and choice.  Ideally if you eat clean for 2-4 weeks your palate will begin to shift.  You can actually pick up on artificial ingredients and you can tell when something is processed.  Usually your palate is NOT pleased by the taste.  Your craving also begin to change.  If you crave an afternoon salty snack or cookies your lean protein and complex carb should do the trick.  Your “triggers” are usually less…and when you walk by a “temptation food” it usually does not have the same pull or effect.  In essence your BELIEF power takes over–and you do not need to exert your WILL power over every negative option that crosses your path. 
“Belief power is 1000 times stronger than will power because belief power uses the unconscious mind to create behavior change with automation, while will power uses the conscious mind to create behavioral changes with force.”   -Tom Venuto
Will you ever crave again?  Will you ever be tempted again?  SURE.  Venturing in to the holiday season will reintroduce old temptations and former cravings.  If you slowly start to reintroduce sugary, salty, and fatty foods in to your diet you will slowly begin to crave those things again.  Does that mean you can NEVER have something sweet, salty or savory again?  NO.  But I would proceed with caution.  I have watched many women move from a “defending” place where they not only KNEW what the best choice was…they were eating that way regularly.  The problem was that the busyness of life crept in.  They chose convenience over their health and wellness.  They chose value over quality.  They let their taste buds make their decisions.  Belief power was ignored and will power caved.   
Be encouraged.  This way of eating IS sustainable and takes a call to vigilantly continue to educate yourself on WHY you eat this way.  Not because of a challenge or studio prize but because you are WORTH the wellness!  Not because Janine and Jenni tell you this is a better way of life but because you BELIEVE it.    You will need to find others that desire to eat this way and connect with them.  Share recipes, go shopping with them, and go out to eat WITH THEM.  They GET YOU.  Eating clean in many ways will feel like you are swimming against the current.  You may grow weary…JUST KEEP SWIMMING!  One meal at a time, one healthy snack at a time.  Over the next few months this will BECOME your lifestyle.  Go for it…it is worth it.  YOU are worth it!

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