From FAST Food to SLOW Food

This year has marked the next chapter in my journey with the popular four letter word FOOD.  Honestly it’s been a deep and spiritual journey that has caused me to SLOW down and research what I put in my own body as well as my husband and daughters.
Prior to this year, I had given food some thought as my family ate pretty clean and mostly organic.  However, I began to realize that my moderation and exceptions had become our norm.  My girls began to ask for dessert after every meal, driving through Chick-fil-a became my go to place when I just didn’t feel like cooking, and every other day it seemed we were celebrating a birthday party or special event.  I realized they were eating more sugar and sodium and not enough vegetables & fruits on a daily basis.  I had fallen into the lies that convenience matters more than health.  I needed our moderation and exceptions to be fewer.
I began training with Jenni in January and we bonded over food and what we were feeding our kids and husbands.  She suggested I read The China Study, and shortly after reading the book, we drove our cute husbands for a vegetarian meal & to the theater to view Forks Over Knives.  Both push for a PLANT based diet.  The more I research and read, the more I am convinced God gave us food to fuel our bodies and to protect us from many of the diseases of this world through a plant based diet.  This road is NOT popular and many believe this is crazy!   However, I believe this road leads to health and wellness.  My husband and I want to educate our own daughters on the importance of food for their bodies.  Pop culture will try to tell them to eat low fat and low calorie diets to maintain a certain weight.  I want them to KNOW & BELIEVE eating the proper vitamins & minerals will help them perform their best each day!  I am an educator by nature and believe the best way to CHANGE is through EDUCATION.
This year my life is moving from FAST to SLOW.  It has been HARD to slow down in a world built upon convenience and speed.  I will not lie, eating a plant based diet DOES require more time!  I pack more lunches, I cook more meals at home, and I shop more frequently for fresh produce.   However, I firmly believe the health of my family is WORTH EVERY MINUTE of the time I spend caring about what fuels their bodies.

Guest Blogger:  LeAnne Olive

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