The BEST Christmas EVER!

Today my husband told the entire Hope Holly Springs campus that last year we “missed” Christmas.  As good intentioned as it was…it was still hard to hear.  Don’t get me wrong…last year was full.  At times it was full of some really wonderful things–tree decorating, Christmas cookies, and Christmas productions.   But it also was full of obligations; presents to buy and parties to attend.  It was packed so full of things and stuff that we simply missed Christmas.  Last year starting on December 26th I spent several days in a funk because I knew I had missed it.  I also knew I would have to wait 350ish more days until I got another shot to do it again!

This year, determined not to miss it, and to make it, “the BEST Christmas EVER”…we picked a family off the “Tree of Hope”.   This family was designated by Wake County schools as a family in need of assistance over the Christmas season.  Our job was to help provide their children with some clothing and a gift from their “wish” list.  A friend and I were going in together to care for this family and so I picked a family with 4 children.   MANY families were chosen from the tree…but God picked THIS family out just for us.   Sophia (the mother) said today, “this is a miracle”!   I have begun to document each detail…there are so many stories, some filled with laughter; others that bring tears.  Each one deserves more than this simple blog.

After my initial phone call to Sophia (the mom) I realized that there were much greater needs for this family than simply some clothing and gifts for their children.  Her husband lost his business due to the change in the economy and she has disabilities that limit her ability to work.  They had an electrical fire and lost their stove.  Their washer and dryer recently went out.  They are not just a family of 6 but their Grandmother and Great-Grandmother live in the home as well.  They have a grandson about to be born…he is due today!  (That makes Martha a great great great grandmother!)  This precious family lives in a home with very little furniture and were cooking on a hot plate until that broke…this week.

God has already MIGHTILY provided for this family.  One of my friends is a “connector” and she has shared this story with her neighborhood as well as friends of friends, and today we delivered 3 truck loads of beds, dressers, book shelves, and bedding.   Earlier this week we delivered a couch!   Their home has quickly moved from empty to full.  (Don’t get me wrong, for most of us we consider this now “livable.”  They moved from sitting and sleeping on the floor to chairs and beds.)   Their response is one of DEEP gratitude.  We were met today with smiles and tears.   I recognize that this family is at an incredibly pivotal point where they could really use the helping hand to get out of a “stuck” place.   To help take care of some of their basic needs:  food, clothing, and furniture will not only provide a physical need but also provide hope and inspiration so that they might be able to transition in to a more stable future.

As thankful as I am for all that has already been done for this family, I really believe that God is not done writing their story.  So many of us take this time to get rid of the old to make room for the new.  I realized that this might be a great time to share some of the needs, as well as give others an opportunity to be a part of sharing!   I am sharing both their needs and “wishes”.

Kitchen Chairs (4)

Sizes:                                                             Clothes                                             Shoes              
Vanessa 8                                                       7slim (or 8 slim) 8 m (shirt)                   2 WIDE!    
Jerica  16                                                         14-16   M-L shirt                                  10
Darius 10                                                          10 husky    M shirt                              4 boys                           
Jerry  13                                                          34-36 husky    XL                                13 shoes
Mom                                            womens 7-8 pants    S-M shirt (she is pretty petite)    7 1/2  
Grandma                                                           36 pants         large shirt                     9-10
Great Grandmother                        14-16 pants (probably elastic are best)  M shirt          8 1/2  
Dad                                                     36-38  Pants            L-XL shirt                          13 shoes
Grandson                         Infant—size 2    baby boy clothes!
Grocery gift cards, (Food Lion is the closest!), Gas gift cards–(Citgo was close), canned goods 
Toiletries…shampoo, lotion, toothpaste, toilet paper, soap, etc. 
Cleaning supplies…clorox wipes, detergent, sponges, paper towels, etc.

“God doesn’t want us to be shy with his gifts, but bold and loving and sensible.”  2 Timothy 1:7

I am quite convinced that the God whom I love and serve has orchestrated every detail…great and small for this family.  Having said this, I absolutely agree with the kind gentleman who shared his couch who exclaimed:  “it is not about religion…it is about people helping people!”  I have never really been partial to “religion”, but I am all about relationships.

Thanks you for taking the time to see if you might have something to share!

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