Pulling Inward…

Writing and words come only when they come.  

I am passionate about so very much whether it be sharing my mommy blunders, fitness and food thoughts, or encouragement in the area of faith.   All come packaged via this blog–but just humbly after a gentle nudge. 

I truly only write when I feel a nudge, a tug, some sort of inspiration.  

Lately I have been nudged and tugged to pull inward.  I am hungry to read, to journal, to read more and journal more.  Slowness and simplicity are the words that are consistently the message of my reading and writing.  

When I designed my blog I hoped it would serve as a way to connect with people that I love.  I hoped it would be an “invitation” to a slow, sweet moment together.  That is still my hope for this blog.  I am waiting and listening for my next entry but realized that until we sit down again “to coffee”…I will need to have a more clear direction and be nudged, tugged, and inspired. 

In the meantime, I would encourage you to take this lenten month to slow down.  To reflect–draw inward.  

I sense there will be much more that I have to say about slowness and simplicity in the future, but in the meantime I will leave you with a few profound words from Lily Tomlin…

“For fast-acting relief from stress, try slowing down.”  

Strong is the new beautiful…and I am finding that SLOW is also quite beautiful!

May our next cup together be sweet, inspired, and sipped slowly.


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