Chocolate Lava Cake…

Chocolate Lava Cake was the Cockerham family “dessert of choice” last spring on our cruise.  The kids could choose a brownie, cookies, or banana split off the kids’ menu, but all three would order off the adult menu each night to secure their lava cake was delivered just like mom and dad.  My father in law thoughtfully found the recipe and for Chris’ birthday and I went out and bought ramekins to re-create the incredible family memory.   I almost wished I didn’t know what was inside those delicious little ramekins on the boat–with a stick of butter and 7 eggs–just to name a few of the ingredients!  On Chris’ birthday I faithfully re-created our families’ “dessert of choice”.  I had decided it was to only be a once a year thing until my friend Emily shared this recipe!    Thanks to “Mama Pea” there is a butter and egg free version of Lava Cake!   (Peas and Thank You Lava Cake)    This has now become our new family favorite and we don’t have to wait until July 16th to make them!    (It could just be a random Sunday night when NC State and UNC both pull out a victory!)   Tonight we tried these delectable cakes and I HAD to share them my friends.  

I am still sorting through my blog thoughts internal and external so my entries will not be as frequent until I figure out my direction.  From now on I am pretty sure I am going to leave the recipe sharing up to my girls at Grab Your Greens (  their site is awesome.  But this one was TOO good to pass up.  Had we been sitting across the table at coffee this week, I can assure you that the Cockerham family dessert from Sunday night would have come up!

May You Be a Blessing and May You Be Blessed!


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