10 Things to Promote Health and Wellness TODAY

Everything that you value in life, including your family, finances, career success, ministries, and friendships all depend on you being in GOOD HEALTH.

There are precious people close to me and to those I love who are sick.  It is debilitating and all consuming.  Often the sickness is completely out of our control.  But loads and loads of research is proving that often it is not…

I believe change starts with ONE simple action.

Moving toward wellness is vital to the things we value.  

TODAY do one thing to promote your physical wellness:

1.  Take a walk or run.   
2.  Eat more vegetables.
3.  Drink water instead of Coke.    
4.  Sweat in any way you can. 
4.  Drink one less coffee…pass on dessert.
5.  Do yoga.   
6.  Empty your pantries.  Throw out the junk.
7.  Eat IN instead of OUT.
8.  Did I mention eat more vegetables?    
9.  Take the stairs.  Park far away for a longer walk.  
10.  Pray for strength, courage, and motivation to do one more thing tomorrow.  
May You be a Blessing and May you Be Well! 


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