Sweat EVERY Day.

Sweat, according to my doctor and my therapist, is something we should do EVERY day!
My doctor wants me to sweat to release toxins in the body.  Cleansing it and allowing fresher skin and a more toxin free vessel.     Yes please.
My therapist wants me to sweat as it is most likely in response to physical activity that has then released natural endorphins.  Endorphins help to regulate mood and sleep patterns.  It also suppresses appetite and decreases fatigue.   Double yes please.    
Okay what are ways that we can sweat every day?
1.    Walk or run.  Mix it up…do an interval run of 30 seconds fast…30 seconds slow.
2.    Hike, bike, or trike.  
(Okay maybe the trike is just for Joshua.)
3.    Dance…shake your grove thang.
4.    Swimming makes me sweat.  (Sorry about that.)
5.    Janine’s yoga!  (And sometimes mine!)
6.    Mixed Martial Arts…a Fight or kick boxing class.  (Obviously, any P.O.W.E.R. class is gonna make ya sweat!)  =)
7.    Play tag with your kids, find a trampoline and jump!
8.    Tennis, basketball, soccer…go join a team.
9.    Run your stairs, do lunges in your backyard, or burpee tabatas if you know what those are! 
10.  Sex actually burns up to 500 calories an hour. 
(For any dudes who read my blog feel free to share this with your wives–and–you are welcome.)  

Need a few more “whys” from the Mayo Clinic for the importance of regular exercise?         


May You Be a Blessing and May You Sweat Every Day!

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