I Do Not Love Well…

Love is a choice.  Love is messy.  

Love hurts.  Love is action.  Love is service.  

Love is long-lasting…eternal.  

Love pushes through your crap.  (And loves you despite it.)   

Love sees with fresh eyes.  Love is unconditional.    

Love is sacrifice.  Love is not self-seeking.   

Loving myself is easy.  Loving others is not.

Love is something I do poorly every day of my life.

On this day built around LOVE, unfortunately I am only reminded of how inadequate I truly am.  

“This is love:  not that we love God but that he loved us.”   
1 John 4:10

Love for me, is not possible without God’s love.  I find it too easy to choose myself.  Somehow His selfless Spirit starts to nudge me to do things out of my character and nature.  Then, and only then do I find myself loving in a more pure way…the way I was designed to love.   

Remind me on this Valentine’s day of how to truly love.  

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