God Mad Mi Grte

Last week Kylee began making notebooks for each of the children.  Caroline decorated the front of hers and then immediately began writing.  Her words below stopped me cold and took me back to a  not so distant memory.  The words reminded me of why we were determined to embark on this journey:


If you are not a first grade teacher and familiar with deciphering this type of writing it says:

God made me great.  God made my family great.  God made my doll great.”  

In my first adoption blog I shared Kylee’s journal entry of when she at age 6 had written of the love of her family.  That blog is here.   I believe that deep understanding of how deeply loved she was will translate in to an understanding of a Heavenly Father’s love.  I explained it was my prayer that our two newest children would begin to have this understanding as well. 

So to jump back to Tuesday when I read Caroline’s note, I was dumb-founded by how quickly things have begun to translate!   To think that she might understand that God loves her, and in His great love, He created her GREAT.  Powerful.  Then to think that she (already) looks at her family and sees it as great is an answer to prayer too.  And of course Kylee is thrilled that she loves her “great” dolls!  

There are many days on this journey that are hard and discouraging.  Tuesday was not one of them.  It reinforced what we believe:  God started this journey, expedited it, and is still very much at work in orchestrating the details of our future.  But more importantly, He is teaching His little children deep truth.  He is teaching them that they were created GREAT and for GREAT purposes.  

May we all be reminded of this today.

May You Be a Blessing and May You Be Blessed! 




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