The Week in Review…

What a wonderful visit with our dear family friends!   

Thought pictures would be most appropriate to describe our week.. Jon and Haley are not only quite photogenic they are awesome photographers…many of the shots below are theirs!

This week there was: 
Pre-dinner posing.
And Flying!
Post Dinner Discussion…
And Dancing!
More climbing…
Some big kid hiding…
And little kid hiding! 
Unpacking surprises…
And more surprises…
Washing and Rinsing…
And Drying…
More drying! 
Some Hugging…
And Swimming! 
Post pool posing…
And more posing!

All adding up to a ridiculously fun-filled week with extra hands, hugs, and help.

(And great adult cabin time talks once the kids were in bed.)  

Thankful beyond words for our guests!  

Who’s next? 

May You Be a Blessing and May You Visit Uganda! 


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