The Rainy Season Brings the Cockerham’s Home Home

It’s been 6 weeks of no rain.  Not even a sprinkle.  The dry season is dusty, hot and ever so dry.  This makes for gorgeous sunrises and sunsets.  It creates a perfect place for children to play uninhibited by the elements.  You don’t realize you miss the rain until it hits.

Tonight it showered in sheets.  The slow rhythm became louder and it pounded hard and fast for over an hour.  What it brought was refreshingly unexpected.  It brought a soft wind and delicious breeze.  The nights have been hot…the kind where your clothes stick as you lay in bed twisting and turning hot.  But you forget how extreme the heat is until you feel the breeze.  You forget how you much you needed the cool air to touch your skin.  A sigh of relief escapes your lips unconsciously.

We have lived a wonderfully tragic year and a half in Uganda.  We have experienced our highest of highs knowing and loving Caroline and Jonathan as our own, living and serving at Restoration Gateway and loving the community here.  Life-altering highs.  We have also experienced the lowest of lows, losing those children as our own, battling severe malaria, and being away from our loved ones across the ocean at critical grieving moments.

The weather currently has been the hottest we have known in Uganda.  The pressure from the heat is almost forgotten until you feel the coolness of the breeze touch your skin.

As we prepare to forge ahead toward America, a cool breeze has crossed my face.  Our love for the people and this place run deep.   Yet our longing for loved ones, and a whisper from Him pull us back across the ocean.  Growing awareness for the extent of the fever we have experienced takes hold.  A refreshing wind has begun to blow over our Ugandan home as we make preparations to fly home home.

The heat and the beauty that follows from 6 weeks of sun.  Grace.  The powerful rain that brings the much needed cool breeze.  Grace.  A life-altering journey, trusting, twisting and tumbling all over Uganda. Grace.  A trip home home in a few days.  Grace.

May You Be a Blessing and May You Be Blessed,




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