The Most Disturbing Animal Images I Have Ever Seen…

Wanted to take a moment to follow up from Facebook as they only give a certain number of characters and I know I put together a provocative post…but it was worth sharing. 

I am a wimp with a capital “W” when it comes to scary movies.   In my teenage years I could convince myself that the blood was ketchup, but the older I have grown the more scary movies seem to haunt me.  I just couldn’t seem to mentally trick myself any longer.  Tonight I watched some of the most disturbing images I have ever seen.  It was simply the trailer (I am not sure if I have the stomach for the entire documentary) but all the images are real.  No ketchup.   I will be honest I turned away more than once.  It was more than disturbing because it is reality.   A daily reality.

My choice to eat plants has never been about the animals.  It has been about the science that supports a more whole foods, plant based diet.  Let’s be honest it is doubtful that we as Americans are really getting 4 servings of vegetables each day if we exclude ketchup and fries from our “vegetable” intake.  We are eating way too many processed foods and this combined with our lack of fruits and vegetables is creating a major epidemic of disease and obesity in our society.  Plants heal. 

Tonight my mind shifted.  I now eat plants for the health benefits and for the sake of the animals.  Our food industry is out of control.   I share these images with you…not to shock or shame you in to a different choice.  I simply hope to raise awareness on where our favorite chicken sandwich and burger come from.   And at what expense?

There are more responsible ways to eat meat and I hope if you choose to watch the trailer or movie in it’s entirety you will consider exploring those options if you do not already do so.  

We were created for so much in this life.  We were created for much more than we are settling for.   There are great human injustices in this world…I very often have over looked animal rights for human rights.  (Ultimately I believe this is how it should be.)   There is human devastation and brokenness happening all over the world across the globe, in our backyards and even in our homes.  My heart bleeds for the brokenness of this world. Having said this, our food system is broken too.  I could not abstain from sharing this information as we are daily making choices to eat food that is making us sick and overweight–and the cost for many of those mouthfuls is greater than we ever imagined! 

We were designed with a great purpose and responsibility.

For SO many reasons please think before you eat.

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